Academic Year


We believe that a right balance of consistent effort from the student and support from our teachers are the foundations of academic excellence. The academic year at Think Ahead is divided in two blocks, and seeks to maximize the knowledge and confidence with which our students will face their official exams in the summer.

With our tutorial system we can track the individual progress of each student on a weekly basis, work on their weaknesses and settle the most important concepts before the exams.

September – February

Our compromise is to cover the content of the course by the end of February. During this time students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Be ahead of the content taught at school and progressively build a passion for their subjects.
  2. Master exam technique in order to maximize their grade prospects.

Year 10 & year 12

The lack of official exams at the end of Year 10 & 12 means that we will extend the content preparation until March.

March – June

During this period we focus exclusively on the preparation of exams, practicing past paper questions, discussing them and focusing on exam technique

Additional Information

  • Class format: 1 subject - 1 class (2 hrs. /week).
  • 1 tutorial (1 hr.) within every 4 hr. of class.
  • Number of students per class: 5.
  • Asignaturas: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Geography and Psychology.

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