Our approach

To improve the performance of our students, guarantee their access to university and raise the chances of a successful degree experience, we offer a variety of unique services conceived to create solvent pupils with a competitive profile.


Our experience demonstrates that comprehending the subject beyond the pages of a book, combined with support that results in abilities, motivations and tangible experiences proves decisive to access a top tier university.


  • Each subject is taught on a weekly basis.
  • Each class lasts for 2 hours.
  • Number of students: 5 per class.
  • Tutorials: Every two weeks the class will be split according to the following times:
    • 1st hour : Standard class
    • 2nd hour: Tutorial

The tutorial system

Our tutorial system is a recreation of our university experience, and is conceived as a necessary complementary tool for the academic preparation that we offer in Think Ahead.

Teaching method

  • In a more casual environment, the teacher can clarify the more complicated concepts taught during the last class.
  • An opportunity to keep a personalized track of each student’s progression by testing their understanding.

How do the pupils benefit?

  • Reinforces exam technique
  • Encourages group-learning and debating, a fundamental aspect of British education, hence increasing the confidence at the time of facing the official exam questions.
  • A perfect way of keeping up to date with the school content and to prepare for any internal exams as the year progresses.
  • A passion-trigger system, where the concepts learnt in class are extrapolated beyond the school textbook to encourage an active interest in the subject.

University admissions

The importance of a competitive profile

British universities are always searching for traces of motivation and passion for the chosen degree and take this as the differentiating factor between candidates with similar grades. For this reason, we procure that our pupils build their own initiative and progressively become more interested in the subjects they are taking. We move away from the “just learn it” method and expect our students to understand the purpose of things.

Having a range of extracurricular activities and hobbies, even if not directly related to your chosen degree is also a good proof of aptitudes like proactivity, experience or communication skills. These are vital compliments of a successful degree and are more valued every year.

It is extremely difficult nowadays to become a competitive university candidate without gathering a list of “soft skills” and experience beyond academic requirements.

At Think Ahead we advise our students about the best possible decisions they can make in order to develop a solid profile adapted to the university requirements:

  1. Guiding them through the university admissions process.
  2. Providing updated information about university experience in order assure a degree choice that suits their expectations.
  3. Recommending work experience, activities and initiatives that will improve the competitiveness of their academic profile.